Dear Sir

I used to give “negative” feedback on the town council’s upkeep of the cleanliness of the common areas below my block.
This time around, I must applaud you for deploying two lady cleaners to carry out this task.

I noticed that they are meticulous in the course of their work and appreciate them for their hard work.
Please convey my sincere thanks and regards to both of them.

I hope their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

– KW Cheong

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to express my sincere thanks to Ms Salnah and Mr David Quek for their prompt response to my enquiry on the status of the upgrading of carpark lift at Blk 10 Cantonment Close.

Ms Salnah answered when I called your hotline this morning and she said she will ask Mr David to return my call soon. But she went the extra mile to call HDB to check on the status of the repair. and returned my call to give me a reply almost immediately. Please convey my thanks to her for her prompt and efficient service.

Mr David Quek too attended to my request very promptly today and I am always grateful to Mr David for his great assistance. I have dealt with Mr David many times before as coincidentally he is also the person in charge of our Block 12 which my family and I reside. Mr David has on numerous occasions attended to our feedbacks very efficiently in a timely and professional manner. With Mr David taking care of our block, it has been much more pleasant living in this estate. I would like to put on records my heartfelt appreciation to Mr David for his prompt actions and kind assistance

– Irene Lee

Good Afternoon

Hi Ms Chan

Please be informed that the re-surfacing of jogging track at Bukit Purmei Hillock Park had been completed.The conditions of the jogging track is so much better and safer.

I write to convey my appreciation to you for your prompt co-ordination and the arrangements in ensuring the repair works to be done urgently.

– Mr Goh

Good Afternoon Mr Ho.

I am a resident staying in Bukit Purmei Estate for the past 30 over years and recently this estate has shown a great improvement after the estate undergo the repainting and some improvements like the steps edge in this estate are painted in yellow lines.


Compliments to Ms Zakiyah Shirbeeni. She was very helpful and prompt in her advice and assistance to me when I needed to settle my SCC for resale of my previous flat at C’wealth. Thanks for making the process a smooth and successful one, COVID-19 notwithstanding. I deeply appreciate your professionalism and thoughtfulness. Thank you!

– Ms Tan

Very appreciative to Mr Hishamm and Mr Toh Lay Kim for prompt action to help clear a choke that caused a leak to our neighbour’s flat one floor below us. This helped ensure our neighbourly relationship was not badly affected as they do not have to wait for us to look for a plumber at night. Advice on proper regular maintenance was also given which I will observe to prevent a choke from occurring again. Thanks to both!

– Mr Benny Wong

Good day,

I received a call from a lady from your office today, at 11.25am from Tanjong Pagar Town Council. I forgot to ask for her name in time.

It was with regards to an uncashed cheque which was sent to our previous address.

I wanted to thank her for her patience and very professional service and followup. (we didn’t even realise we missed the cheque)

My dad used to tell me people only think of town councils when they want to complain about something.

So here’s my thanks for your service and good work. It is very much appreciated.

– Loy Yijun


I’m a resident at 86 Dawson Road and I would like to thank Mr Frankie and his team who assisted in the removal of my sofa today.

Due to my new sofa coming way earlier than scheduled, I had to move the old sofa out of my house to my doorstep along with the large packaging boxes of my new sofa. The moving team quietly moved everything without knocking my door. I wish to convey my thanks to them.

– Yiling

Dear Leonard

Thank you for your effort in meeting myself over the HDB carpark car sharing issue this morning on such a short notice.

On behalf of Rumah Tinggi Committee, I would like to express my thanks to you for conducting the walk about with me and your supervisor.

Through our meeting I am very glad that We have a strong and responsive Town council staff that is handling Rumah Tinggi estate.

Thank you and have a nice day.

– Mr John Ang

To whom it concern,

I am writing in to commend one of your staff Mark Ong Wee Siong as mentioned in the subject.

He is a helpful staff who went beyond his call of duty to help me settle my application of Giro payment for the Conservancy charges.

I started to call Tanjong Pagar to  enquire and a lady handled my case.She was helpful too but she asked me to post back to TC the application form which got lost.

Mark came into the picture and immediately helped me to expedite the whole process and even answered my email almost immediately. He even replied my email instantly on weekends!

He asked me to go down TC to see him so that l can be assured that it would go through smoothly.This morning after abt 2 weeks, l received confirmation from my bank that the Giro application went through thus l emailed Mark to thank him.

It is a simple thing but he went beyond the call of his duty.

So l want to thank him through this platform that he is a responsible, committed and diligent staff to have.

Thank you.

– Ms Lim

I would like to compliment you and the management of Tanjong Pagar Town Council for the good services and excellent work done on the repainting and renovation of our Estate. In particular, special mention is made of Mr Lufti. At my request, Mr Lufti looked into the defective tiles outside the lifts of my apt floor. He also looked into my other feedbacks conveyed to him.

I am very impressed that immediate action was taken on the request.. However small or big the problem is, Mr Lufti and Mr Chua and the management of Tanjong Pagar make an effort to look into our problems n solve them wherever possible in our HDB estate, in particular Blks 37 to 39.

Well done, Mr Koh and Mr Chua for your Good Management and Choice of Staff.

– Mike Koh

Ms Anne Voon is extremely helpful in assisting me in my situation and went the extra mile to help with applying the waiver for my penalties. I am extremely thankful for both the approval of the waiver, as well as Ms Voon’s helpfulness.

I sincerely appreciate Ms Voon’s effort in helping me resolve my penalties. Please help to convey my gratitude.

– Delvin Lim

We appreciate your empathy for the residents well being in the estate.

Would appreciate your staff to be more responsive and improve on their communication skills like you have done so.

Once again, thank you for giving an in-depth and clear explanation to foreclose this issue.

– Mr Choo

I’d like to compliment Kelvin for his prompt support on 11 Sep, Saturday.

There were water puddles outside my unit #03-3557 at Blk 163 Bukit Merah Central. This was likely from the floor cleaning. However as the area facing the main road was dry, the puddle is likely to be a couple days old due to the uneven flooring along the corridor near the lift and stairs. This could potentially breed mosquitoes, pests and unnecessary seepage in the flooring.

There will always be water puddles along that corridor after every floor cleaning, or even on days with heavy rain (there is an open area at the lift landing). I have raised this issue to Town Council for years but have yet to receive any constructive solutions.

Kelvin was attentive and prompt in getting the cleaner to clean up the water puddles. He also called and notified me of the issue resolved and will raise the problem to TPTC for further action.

Although there were still smaller water puddles after the cleanup, I was grateful for the prompt, albeit temporary, solution.

Kudos for Kelvin on his support. I hope there will be constructive discussions and action on the uneven flooring.
Greatly appreciate if I can get an update on the status of this issue. I am contactable via email/mobile.

– Jenny

I would like to express my appreciation to Dominic for making all the arrangements for the change of the film on the glass panel and also to SPO Issam for explaining to me patiently about the bubble formation on the glass panel of my full glass panel window when he visited on 01.09.2021.

At the same time, I would like to also thank the gentleman who helped to change the film of my glass panel . He did the change nicely and swiftly.

Thank you all for the great job.

Wishing all a great weekend.

– Ms Lee

Good day to you.

I am a resident of Blk 46 Owen Road, and would like to express my appreciation of the good work from a cleaning staff (which I have observed last month and this month).

The new sitting/exercise area of the block was well washed as I have noticed the walking paths became so much whiter! The foot massage area was also cleared of trapped leaves. He has washed the 8 storeys as well today and my mum commented that he was very considerate and picked up some items outside my door so it wouldn’t get wet.

Please help me express my gratitude to this staff. Thank you and have a nice day.

– Erika Ow

Thank you Mr Tay for your fast response and assistance. Truly appreciated.

– Mr Leong

Good day,

Would like to compliment Ms Rosie Chia for her great diligence in helping us.
Despite the discrepancies of the SC & C charges are due to the HDB’s system,
she still tried her very best by monitoring and following up closely for months.
Her dedication in ensuring that our case is not ignored or overlooked, makes us
feels comforting. We would like to express our heartfelt thank you to her.

Thank you so much, Ms Rosie.

– Perri Goh & Yuen Keng Hwa

Dear Tanjong Pagar Town Council,

I would like to thank Michael and his team for helping to resolve the issue of noisy walkways and insects in my block.

He was very prompt to respond and come down to inspect the area. He was also very quick to implement the solutions to address the problems.

Thank you, once again to Michael and his team!

– Bobby

I live at Bt Merah View Blk 126. I wish to compliment your cleaner for his work this morning (Tue 23 Nov 21).

This morning, your cleaner was at the central rubbish chute on my floor trying to throw bags of rubbish left next to the rubbish chute but he found that the chute cover cannot be opened.

I happened to be there and informed him I found the chute blocked last night. Very likely it was caused by some household on a higher floor throwing huge amounts of stuff. I heard several minutes of things falling very loudly down the chute and breaking up upon impact.

The cleaner was already all sweaty from his earlier work before he arrived at chute. It looked like he had been walking floor by floor to clear the chute areas(some residents apparently just leave rubbish next to the chute area). After I shared about yesterday’s incident, he frowned but said he will try and unblock the chute.

Much later, I could open the chute cover again to throw my rubbish bag. Such a pleasant surprise!!!

I wish to highly compliment your cleaner for such dedication and hard work. I am sure it is not an isolated instance as I have seen him at work at various times. Each time, he was hard at work. I hope he will be recognised for his impressive work attitude and unceasing hard work. Kudos to him!!!

– Mdm Loh


I wish to compliment your SPO Ms Celine Teo for her efficient and friendly response on my feedback on low water pressure, after the recent replacement of booster pump at Blk 89 Tanglin Halt Road.

She was quick to mobilise the plumber to check on the contractor’s job and discover the fault. The problem has been temporarily solved while waiting for rectification by the contractor responsible. My family need not suffer low water pressure during cooking , washing and bathing. Thank you for the good job.

– Andrew Seow

I have to commend Julianna’s effort in helping us to solve the noisy exhaust fan issue at Blk 30A Holland Close. She was extremely patient despite me raising my voice in frustration. I am so impressed with her as she did so many things right. When my husband Gerald contacted her last week, she came down personally to inspect the problem and also checked with me personally when the problem is resolved. She also reverted my calls whenever she can, rather than leaving me hanging feeling helpless. Instead of saying that she cannot do anything because it is not under their purview, she checked for alternative solutions. My husband and I, and my neighbours for sure, are thankful for her help and having the problem resolved. We can feel that she truly cared and understood the desperate predicament we were in. Thank you our dear Julianna. May the New Year bring you good tidings and happiness! ??❤

– Geneva Koh

Dear Tanjong Pagar Town Council Mr. Tay,

On behalf of the Jln RumahTinggi Estate path user , Many thanks to your immediate action in getting the over grown branches pruned.

Wishing you and staffs a Happy New Year 2022
Stay Safe and Stay Healthy Always.Emoji

– Alpha Au