22 September 2021

I would like to compliment you and the management of Tanjong Pagar Town Council for the good services and excellent work done on the repainting and renovation of our Estate. In particular, special mention is made of Mr Lufti. At my request, Mr Lufti looked into the defective tiles outside the lifts of my apt floor. He also looked into my other feedbacks conveyed to him.

I am very impressed that immediate action was taken on the request.. However small or big the problem is, Mr Lufti and Mr Chua and the management of Tanjong Pagar make an effort to look into our problems n solve them wherever possible in our HDB estate, in particular Blks 37 to 39.

Well done, Mr Koh and Mr Chua for your Good Management and Choice of Staff.

– Mike Koh

21 September 2021

Ms Anne Voon is extremely helpful in assisting me in my situation and went the extra mile to help with applying the waiver for my penalties. I am extremely thankful for both the approval of the waiver, as well as Ms Voon’s helpfulness.

I sincerely appreciate Ms Voon’s effort in helping me resolve my penalties. Please help to convey my gratitude.

– Delvin Lim

16 September 2021

We appreciate your empathy for the residents well being in the estate.

Would appreciate your staff to be more responsive and improve on their communication skills like you have done so.

Once again, thank you for giving an in-depth and clear explanation to foreclose this issue.

– Mr Choo

12 September 2021

I’d like to compliment Kelvin for his prompt support on 11 Sep, Saturday.

There were water puddles outside my unit #03-3557 at Blk 163 Bukit Merah Central. This was likely from the floor cleaning. However as the area facing the main road was dry, the puddle is likely to be a couple days old due to the uneven flooring along the corridor near the lift and stairs. This could potentially breed mosquitoes, pests and unnecessary seepage in the flooring.

There will always be water puddles along that corridor after every floor cleaning, or even on days with heavy rain (there is an open area at the lift landing). I have raised this issue to Town Council for years but have yet to receive any constructive solutions.

Kelvin was attentive and prompt in getting the cleaner to clean up the water puddles. He also called and notified me of the issue resolved and will raise the problem to TPTC for further action.

Although there were still smaller water puddles after the cleanup, I was grateful for the prompt, albeit temporary, solution.

Kudos for Kelvin on his support. I hope there will be constructive discussions and action on the uneven flooring.
Greatly appreciate if I can get an update on the status of this issue. I am contactable via email/mobile.

– Jenny

3 September 2021

I would like to express my appreciation to Dominic for making all the arrangements for the change of the film on the glass panel and also to SPO Issam for explaining to me patiently about the bubble formation on the glass panel of my full glass panel window when he visited on 01.09.2021.

At the same time, I would like to also thank the gentleman who helped to change the film of my glass panel . He did the change nicely and swiftly.

Thank you all for the great job.

Wishing all a great weekend.

– Ms Lee

2 September 2021

Good day to you.

I am a resident of Blk 46 Owen Road, and would like to express my appreciation of the good work from a cleaning staff (which I have observed last month and this month).

The new sitting/exercise area of the block was well washed as I have noticed the walking paths became so much whiter! The foot massage area was also cleared of trapped leaves. He has washed the 8 storeys as well today and my mum commented that he was very considerate and picked up some items outside my door so it wouldn’t get wet.

Please help me express my gratitude to this staff. Thank you and have a nice day.

– Erika Ow

1 September 2021

Thank you Mr Tay for your fast response and assistance. Truly appreciated.

– Mr Leong